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What's in the box?

Each high quality, digital RCR PRO communication kit comes with the following items all perfectly packaged in their own robust flight case. It is everything you need for seamless, clear two way communication between your car and your crew. The standard kits can be expanded to include multiple pit personnel, drivers or additional cars. 


High quality, Digital two way radio

With all of our kits* you have a choice of either UHF only or UHF/VHF digital radio handsets. Both can have privacy assigned and are programmable to comply with OFFCOM licensing

Driver Helmet Loom.jpg

Integrated driver helmet loom

A full helmet loom designed to fit any helmet on the market. The extra long coiled connector ensures maximum flexibility while reducing the chance of damage, while the directional noise cancelling microphone ensures your crew hear every word

Headset Detail.jpg

Lightweight pit crew headset

Lightweight, comfortable headset with ear cup mounted PTT, radio cable with a second PTT and movable boom featuring a noise cancelling directional microphone.

Car Loom Detail.jpg

Shielded car harness

The RCR PRO car harness is lightweight but protected by both passive and active shielding. Installed correctly this is the backbone of your radio system, connecting the radio, car, input buttons and driver to the rest of the world


Dynamic transducer foam earbuds

A set of high quality earbuds which use dynamic transducers designed for precision operation in hearing aids and monitor set for musicians. These offer guaranteed clarity and have the option of being custom molded to your ear.

Sharkfin Antenna.jpg

Rigid "shark fin" antenna

Unique to Race Car Radios, the distinctive shark fin antenna is not only sleek, put serves a purpose. Radios signals are transmitted horizontally from an antenna. Any deflection, however small, in a normal rubber or wire antenna can mean the signal is degraded or not heard at all. With the RCR Shark Fin you are guaranteed performance.

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