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This high quality digital pit to kart radios system is based on the same kit supplied for Saloon, GT and Formula users. This is a full, digital two way communications kit which avoids all of the line of sight and connection isssue associated with bluetooth communication systems.

The difference between this kit and the car kits is the driver connection. Rather than a kart loom, which requires fitting to the kart this kit comes with our unique all in one connector which links the driver to the radio handset mounted in a box secured to the chassis.

The driver helmet kit is identical to our car kit, as is the pit crew radio, lead and headset.

The final advantage of this system is should you move to cars, the whole kit can be taken with you and by way of a simple upgrade which contains the car loom, PTT buttons, additional wiring and antenna your Karting kit becomes a full RCR PRO-Digital system

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