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The ultimate kit for the ultimate cars 


Launched in 2023 the RCR PRO-GT combines the excellent functionality and flexibility of our PRO-Dual kits and adds a 50w fixed base station radio for the car. New for 2024 is an upgraded Engineer/Number 1 mechics set with class leading 10W portable radio giving you twice the power between the pit wall and the car.   A dual band system operating on VHF/UHF frequencies the PRO-GT offers the highest power for both the car and crew*.


Supplied with two crew headsets (infinitely expandable to any team size) each with dual channel transmit/receive functionality with full spectrum scan. All easily controlled by the full colour LCD display, the PRO-GT allows operators to separate out communication in the team, allowing mechanics to talk on one channel while monitoring the car on another. For larger teams user groups can be difined so key team members only hear the people they need to hear and uneccessary radio chatter clutter is kept to a minimum. 

The PRO-GT is ideally suited to longer tracks or where you have a high noise environment such as a GT3/4.


The RCR PRO-GT kit comes with everything you need to have high quality, effective communications between your pit crew and your driver. The system can easily be expanded by adding extra driver sets and mechanic sets in unlimited numbers. No matter how big your team we can supply you a radio set of the right size.


Got an existing Stilo, Peltor, AutoTEL or MRTC helmet kit? We can supply you an adaptor to allow you to save money and keep your existing fittings. We only offer digital radio systems because in competition, clear messages are key and analogue systems just aren’t up to the job.


Our digital PRO-GT system has been tested on UK circuits and provides excellent coverage. Range is dependant on correct fitting, and the terrain of the circuit.

Please note, additional pit crew headset include a radio and are £279 per set, not £150 as shown on the drop down menu. The calculated total is correct.

*Maximum power legally allowed may differ by country and region. Please check your local regulations for maximum power

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