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What's in the box?

Our RCR Pro Digital kits offer the very best in terms of technology, sound and usability. However, we recognise that not all racers need a fully digital kit but would still prefer not to rely solely on the pit board for in race information. The RCR Clubman kit has been designed to offer a high quality, simple kit for those racing in cars where high noise shielding and extended range communication isn't a priority. 

The RCR Clubman kit still offers excellent pit to car communication but with the following differences:

  • Analogue radios

  • No privacy settings

  • Mono standard headphone

  • Single sided driver mic

  • Sigle sided crew headset


Analogue UHF/VHF Two Way Radio

A high power UHF/VHF dual band two way radio with full LCD screen for channel and feature selection


Integrated driver helmet loom

A full helmet loom designed to fit any helmet on the market. In an effort to offer a more affordable system for the occasional racer we have designed the sport helmet loom with a few minor changes while still providing a high quality items suitable for a race car environment. 

Headset Detail.jpg

Single Ear pit crew headset

Lightweight, comfortable headset with ear cup mounted PTT, radio cable with a second PTT and movable boom featuring a noise cancelling directional microphone.

Car Loom Detail.jpg

Standard IMSA Car Harness

The RCR Clubsport car harness is suited to less complex cars where high electrical noise isn't an issue. Suitable for most converted road saloons and hatch back the Clubsport is an excellent budget alternative to the RCR  PRO Digital and Dual systems


Stereo Speaker Ear Buds

Stereo headphone speakers with a robust outer shell. Upgradable to the Pro Foam Tipped or Custom Molded items from our digital kits


1/4 Wave Antenna

High quality omni directional roof mounted antenna. Although wire bases the antenna is still stiff enough to remain upright and even the fastest cars, ensuring reliable transmission time after time.

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