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New for 2024 the RCR PRO-Digital Dual PLUS builds on our popular PRO-Digital system with increased functionality and flexibility. Using a dual band VHF/UHF transceiver hand held for both the car and the pit crew, the PRO-Dual system offers but range and clarity and can be adapted to differing conditions. This system uses the new 10W  MD-UV380 handset and has dual channel transmit/receive functionality with full spectrum scan. Twice the power for twice the range! All easily controlled by the full colour LCD display, the PRO-Dual allows operators to separate out communication in the team, allowing mechanics to talk on one channel while monitoring the car on another. The crew cheif can speak to both the car or the mechanics and the driver only receives the information they actually need to reduce distraction.

The PRO-Dual works just as well as a basic two radio kit, and allows for further expansion at a later date easily, with all the felxibility and advanced options already in place.


The RCR Pro kit comes with everything you need to have high quality, effective communications between your pit crew and your driver. The system can easily be expanded by adding extra driver sets and mechanic sets in unlimited numbers. No matter how big your team we can supply you a radio set of the right size.


Got an existing Stilo, Peltor, AutoTEL or MRTC helmet kit? We can supply you an adaptor to allow you to save money and keep your existing fittings. We only offer digital radio systems because in competition, clear messages are key and analogue systems just aren’t up to the job.


Our digital PRO-Dual system has been tested on UK circuits and provides excellent coverage. Range is dependant on correct fitting, and the terrain of the circuit.

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