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Prizes & Money Back

Here at Race Car Radios we know racing is expansive. And while we try to offer a value for money system, we also know that buying your radio system represents a significant investment. We would like to reward our customers who have chosen our brand by giving a little back. With your new Race Car Radio product you will have received a number of (very flashy) Race Car Radio stickers.


The competition is simple: Put the stickers on your car, post pictures of your car to social media (we know you love to do this anyway) and tag in our Facebook page @racecarradios. You can post as many pictures as many times to as many sites (in fact the more the better) just so long as our logo can be seen on the car and you tag us in the text.

The most liked picture every month will win a prize from our store

The customer with the most likes and shares in the year will win a rebate on their Race Car Radio system

That's right, a full refund! So get out there, get snapping and get posting.


Monthly Winners 2023

All the winners with their awesome photos!

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